Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Across three floors, Secret Garden is an immersive orchestration of scenographic installations, light and sound in the former Victoria Barracks, to be set in motion by a wandering audience.

In 1978, while politicians were debating the future of the Barracks, three children discovered a secret garden and wished to keep it forever. One day, they parted and promised to return on the last night.

An experiential urban sanctuary, Secret Garden explores the notion of healing like its intertextual references—the eponymous Victorian novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett and the phenomenal colouring book by Johanna Basford. Following the footsteps of the three protagonists, across three distinct times in the same space, the audience open doors to what they have lost and found in time.

Night-time experiential journey
Duration: around 40 minutes
Free of charge
Pre-registration required
Closed on Tuesdays

Thanks to a team of dedicated helpers, we are happy to announce that an extra session will be run at 8:10PM from Mar 29 through Apr 2. The 5 sessions can accommodate a total of 60 participants. All additional places have been taken. Thank you once again for your support!

Concept + artistic directions  Kingsley Ng
Interdisciplinary artist specialising on site- and context-specific works. He uses intangible media, such as light and sound, to cast light on what is usually overlooked. He is Assistant Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.
Concept + curation  Stephanie Cheung
Specialises on art outside the white cube. Curates process-based projects in public space and communities. Also writes essays, fiction and poetry.
Seed installation  Monti Lai Wai-yi
Reflects on the nuanced connection between human and nature. Currently practising agriculture in Lai Chi Wo Village, she works on sited installation, drawing, painting and participatory art. In recent years, she has been an avid promoter of art-based environmental education, and has founded Farm Side Art Research Lab to explore art’s role in land and cultural preservation, and to popularise environmental art.
Ceramics  Nick Poon Fai-wong
A ceramic artist devoted to creation and teaching. Active in local and overseas ceramic exhibitions.
Outdoor track installation  CK Yung
Co-founder of artwalker. Versatile in a number of creative disciplines, he has been focusing on the relationships and reciprocal influence between technology and human civilisation, and combines sculpture, theatre technologies, as well as robots, in a range of artistic experiments.
Outdoor track installation  Meipo Yuen
Co-founder of artwalker. Passionate about finding beauty in ordinary objects and human touch in natural systems, her art aims to narrow the gap between art and life.
Carpenter  Lam Che
Veteran carpenter with over 30 years of experience. In recent years, he has been giving discarded wood a second life with his exquisite craftsmanship, and teaching the young generation the traditional mortise and tenon technique.
Lighting design  Lee Chi-wai
Worked at City Contemporary Dance Company. He founded Hong Kong Theatre Design Company with friends in 2007.
Music composition + sound design  So Ho-chi
After finishing a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree, majoring in composition and electronic music, at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, he is now pursuing a Master of Music, majoring in composition and electronic music, at the Academy with a Hong Kong Jockey Club Music Scholarship. His oeuvre ranges from instrumental chamber works to vocal and choral works, orchestral works, multimedia productions and electroacoustic works.
Interactive design  William Wong
New media artist and creative coder. With Master's degrees in both Computer Science and Visual Arts, he focuses on interactive and mixed media installations and digital performances. His portfolio also includes projects in digital galleries, museums, show suites, etc. for commercial firms and universities.
Website design  Cheuk Wing-nam
An interdisciplinary artist devoted to developing art with new concepts of mixing sounds and other media with modern computer technology.
Project coordination  Joey Chung
Freelance practitioner whose work focuses on arts administration, education, and event management. Values every experience in life and stays inspired. Enjoys learning by doing.
Production assistance  Rivian Cheung Wing-yan
Graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (major in sculpture). Through taking part in various art projects as an artist assistant, she keeps exposing herself to a range of artistic languages.
Production assistance  Zachary Ting Lap-tak
Graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017. His creative process usually begins with explorations of his own senses and experiences in life. He focuses on conceptual, experimental, material-based works, and employs different media such as sculpture, installation and photography.
Production assistance  Kazaf Tsang
A fresh graduate from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. He explores the notion of existence and emotions in relationships through a conceptual approach to installation, sculpture and mixed media.
Production assistance  Tse Chun-sing
Explores possibilities in often unnoticed daily objects and events, and makes visible intriguing relationships through installations. With a passion for sound, he presents his imagination and discoveries in his art.
vA! Production team
Programme management  Lesley Lau
Ivy Lin
Jessie So
Sandra Hu
Maggie Yu
Devitt Koon